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Hello Friends!

Thanks for taking the time to take a look at the fundraiser The Brew Heads Homebrew Club has assembled.  We’ve been a growing club for about 3 years now and, while we’ve all learned a lot from each other and have some great accomplishments to brag about, we’re feeling growing pains.

Much of our equipment we scratched together sofa money for is starting to show it’s age and we’re looking to start making upgrades and expansions in order to produce more and better beers, wines and specialty beverages.  As I’m sure most of you know, we love to share our creations as much as we love to make them, both with our friends and at local charity events.

Through the remainder of October we are asking you, our friends and drinking buddies, to help support us in our expansion.  As previously mentioned, we love sharing our creations so, as a thank you to those of you who support us, we’ve compiled a list of thank you gifts below.


Checks, cash and all major credit cards are accepted for your generous donations!

We are unable to ship due to regulations and prohibitive costs, but feel free to store your gifts here with the club as long as you need until we see you again.


Goal:  $1000 (after expenses)
Current:  $1525 / $642 after expenses

Current Sponsors:  Katie Barkasy, Jeff Davis, Jillian Babin, Ethan Hayward, Beth Boivin, Stephanie & Paul Sabatelli, Deb Owens, Tracey Koast, Joe Berk, Carmen Labarces, Alison Parrott, Jess Martel, Dom & Pete Matteson, Keith Carleton, Michelle Zwick, Calie Filopena, Kate Christopoulos, Bri Demko, Ryan Galligan & Ryan Dacey, Amanda Roman, Katie Jacques, Lory & Joe Natale, Mike Gott, Adam Costa, Nina Paim




Beer Choices:
American IPA, Chocolate Stout, Scottish Ale

$15 donation:  6-pack
$20 donation:  Mixed 6-pack
$20 donation: 2 bombers (22 ounce bottles) of Sean’s award-winning, 14% ABV Barleywine
$25 donation:  12-pack
$30 donation:  Mixed 12-pack
$40 donation:  1 Case (24 bottles)
$50 donation:  Mixed case
$75 donation:  Exclusive Batch.  2 Cases plus you name any style and any special ingredients/requests.


Royal Cider (Limited to 10 bottles):
A 15% ABV, Port-style cider fortified with brandy. The perfect, sweet compliment to any holiday gathering. This cider has already been cellared for a year and is ready to drink (or will continue to mature for several years).  Recommend serving at room temp or slightly chilled in a cordial glass with a cinnamon stick.

$20 donation:  1 Bottle
$30 donation:  2 Bottles


Nirvana 2014 Vintage (limited to 15 bottles… All Gone!!):
This is Shred’s pride & joy.  A specialty ale that takes the better part of a year to complete.  If you’ve never tried it, don’t expect a beer in the traditional sense.  This is a 25% specialty beverage that drinks more like a sweet, aged cordial.  Served at or close to room temperature and with no carbonation, look for flavors of bold dark fruit, caramelized sugars, barrel wood and sherry & port wine.

$30 donation:  1 Bottle of Bourbon Oak Aged or Rum Spanish Cedar Aged
$40 donation:  1 Bottle of Brewmaster’s Blend (a blend of the 2 wood-aged and 2013 vintage Nirvana)
$50 donation:  1 Bottle of each Bourbon oak aged and Rum Spanish cedar aged
$75 donation:  1 Bottle each of all 3 above


Wine Choices*:
Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio

Only the highest quality must is used in crafting these perfectly balanced, 1-of-a-kind wines.

Due to the volume in which wine must is purchased, 6 bottle option becomes available when a single case of any varietal is taken (i.e. 1 case of Pinot Noir is taken, single bottle and 6-bottle gifts of Pinot Noir becomes available).

$15 donation:  1 bottle of any varietal (currently 15 Pinot Noir and 17 Cabernet available)
$75 donation:  6 bottles of any varietal (currently 2 Pinot Noir and 2 Cabernet available)
$125 donation:  1 Case (12 bottles) of any varietal
$200 donation:  2 Cases (24 bottles) of any varietal
$250 donation:  1 Case each (24 bottles total) of any 2 varietals


Port Wine (375 ml)*:

A decadent Chocolate Orange Port, fortified with brandy.  The perfect dessert wine.

$15 donation:  1 bottle of Chocolate Orange Port
$40 donation:  3 bottles of Chocolate Orange Port
$75 donation:  6 bottles of Chocolate Orange Port


Connoisseur Packages:
$45 donation:  2 bottles of each of the Pinot Noir and Cabernet ($60 value)
$95 donation:  2 bottles of each of the Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Chocolate Orange Port and Royal Cider ($130 value)
$110 donation:  2 bottles of EVERYTHING available in small lots:  Both red wines, chocolate orange port, royal cider, IPA, Stout, Scottish Ale and Barleywine ($160 value)


Miscellaneous Gifts:

$10 donation:  Brew Heads bumper sticker, keychain bottle opener or can koozie
$15 donation:  Brew Heads mouse pad
$20 donation:  Brew Heads unisex t-shirt
$25 donation:  Brew Heads “SignatureSoft” t-shirt (men’s and women’s sizes/fits)
$25 donation:  Brew Heads thong, boy shorts or unisex boxer shorts


*  Please note – the wines will be freshly made especially for this fundraiser.  Expect whites to take a minimum of 6 months to mature and reds a minimum of 1 year (the reds will, of course, continue to mature with more time).  You’re welcome to mature them in your own cellar or we’re more than happy to store them for you here.


If you are interested in donating to our club, please contact a Brew Head senior member (Chris, Sean, Trevor, Dave, or Adam) via Facebook.  Thanks so much!


The Brew Heads Homebrew Club